Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Michael D. Eriksen is South Florida's premier cruise ship injury trial attorney. He IS Eriksen Law Firm. He prosecutes only major lawsuits in both state and federal courts, all over the State of Florida.

He limits his representation to a few select cases involving death or serious injuries sustained during international or domestic maritime travel... Cases of the magnitude he accepts, especially those arising abroad, usually involve complex legal issues, which require months and sometimes years of legal work to resolve.

Mr. Eriksen has found that limiting the number of cases he accepts allows him to give each client his personal attention and enables him to devote the time required to accomplish extensive research, carefully prepare each case, and move them to a more rapid conclusion.

Mr. Eriksen accepts cases on a contingency fee basis only. This means that neither the client nor the attorney receives money unless and until the case is successfully finished.

Foreign Claims

U. S. citizens who are injured in some Caribbean basin countries (or their families if they are killed) may face harsh limits upon claims brought there. Some examples:

  • NO right to sue for certain injuries or death
  • NO jury and minimal compensation
  • Judicial proceedings conducted in a foreign language
Some of these foreign limitations could be avoided if the claim can be maintained in a Florida court.

A Florida lawsuit against a foreign defendant is practical if that defendant has significant economic ties to Florida, as many companies operating in the Caribbean basin do.

Cruise Line Claims

Passenger tickets issued by some cruise lines, e.g., Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian, require passenger suits against the carrier to be filed in Miami/Dade County Florida, where Mr. Eriksen can practice.

Cruise tickets typically state that a written claim must be filed with the carrier within six (6) months of the incident, and a lawsuit, if any, must be filed within one (1) year of the incident. For more information, please see the Statement Of Client's Rights.